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Repair of Bakhtiari rug-continue

The regret I have is I was never serious about taking photos and documenting stages of repairs that I did. Until recently that I try to do it. I have repaired lots and lots of rugs, any kind you can imagine and any kind of damage. So all I have from this Bakhtiari repair is the first photo before repair, and then final photo after it’s done. So there you have it. You see the rotten section is restored. Foundation was rebuilt, wools were matched or dyed. Then weaving took place and repair completed. I was very satisfied with the result. Customer was very happy too. Off course I had to pinpoint which corner of rug was worked on as he could not find it! Keep in touch for further repair stories!

Start of RugBlog.net

Hello everybody. I have been a rug weaver in the past and rug repairman for 25 years. Yes! it’s a long time. Obviously I have worked with many different types of rugs. Mostly Persian rugs. I can’t count for you the number of rugs I have repaired, I never kept a documented record of those projects. Just every now and then if I felt like it, I took some pictures and kept them. For a long time I was still looking at this as just a job and not as a art so I thought I’m just doing a simple repair. I did it the traditional way. Then I started to appreciate it and thought I had to share this with other people. I knew there are lots of people that like to know about repair. Actually this came during the years I was repairing customers’ rugs. They always were amazed at the results- I usually have to show them where the damage was! They wanted to know how I did it. So I said ” let’s share the repair jobs I do with other people who are interested. Let’s start a blog about handmade rugs in general, and rug repair in particular”.  I plan to post for you pictures and some description when I work on rugs. Your comments are always welcome.