BibikAbad rug repair

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BibikAbad rug with a hole

Back to our BibikAbad rug for repair. The rug had about 80 years of age. Most of the naps were gone.

BibikAbad restored foundation

The damage actually was not a very big one. A hole about 2″x2″. As I said it was not a significant damage- maybe for me!- so I restored the foundation and the rest of the repair.  I also post a picture of the knots where you can see the knots are not in line- read the previous post about BibikAbad rug weave texture.

In the next post I’m going to talk about another Hamadan rug and it’s repair. Keep in touch!

BibikAbad rug repaired

Notice the knots. They are not in one column. Compare the knot over tip of nail with the ones on the row over it.

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