Repair of Persian Heriz Rug

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In this post I’ll talk about a Persian Heriz rug that I repaired. On the side I talk about Heriz rugs.

First let’s talk about the rug and what happened to it.. This rug had a water rot on the side border. A fairly large circle with about 1 ft diameter. When you pulled on that area, it would separate. Water rots are very common damage that happen. Main cause is rots under plant pot. Usually the plate under the plant pot cracks and leaks or you over water the plant every now and then. This small amount of water- and the minerals in it- do their job in the long run! One day when you move that plant for some reason you notice a dark circle where that pot was. Other case of rot happens during storage of rug in wet areas and contact with moist concrete. When you try to pull or poke it, that section of rug may separate depending on the length of the time it was exposed to water. At this point that section needs to be rewoven.

That’s what happened with this Heriz. I cut and removed that piece as you can see in the picture.   Usually I have to remove and cut a larger area than the actual section to get to a clean and strong edge. This margin is even bigger in the case of water rots. Water can penetrate few more inches into the rug out of actual rot circle.

Now that we started this repair case it’s time to talk about Heriz rugs. What is this ever popular rug?  Heris is a small town in East Azerbaijan Province in Iran. It is the center of one of the weaving areas in  Azerbaijan, Iran and gave its name to Heriz rugs (in Persian it’s pronounced Heris). Heris is the administrative seat of Heris County. The Heriz weaving district is about 40 miles east of Tabriz, Iran and encompasses an area 40 miles by 40 miles. Tabriz is the capital of east Azarbaijan province with very famous rugs of it’s own. To be continued…

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